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It’s as simple as a New Year’s Resolution

We hear a huge amount about “the state of the world today”, with global warming, sustainability, carbon-neutrality, other-environmental-buzzwords being practically forced in our faces everywhere we turn – being eco friendly is pretty much the new black, and for me it creates this rising feeling of conflicting frustrations:  it can be really dry, boring, and overwhelming to hear the greenies harping on and on about it every day, and I take issue with the hypocrisy and attitude of “cashing in” on the green movement, but at the same time I think that the issues we are hearing about are huge, drastic, important, and not enough is being done about them!

I’m aware that the paragraph above, with its eco-trendy catch words and potential for a possibly-boring-I’ve-heard-it-before-shut-up-about-the-damn-environment type sermon might have made you switch off and start yawning already.

But please hear me out!

A lot of us probably feel like there isn’t a lot that we can do, because we are individual people and our actions are only tiny drops in the oceans of irresponsibility created by governments and larger corporations.

But sitting around waiting for our government, other countries and big businesses to make changes isn’t going to help in any way, and it certainly won’t make us feel any better about ourselves or the issues at hand!

We don’t have to all go live on a commune or get all crazy about it, but a lot of us make or at least toy with the idea of New Year’s Resolutions right? And New Year’s Resolutions are frequently about self improvement – whether it be health, habits or money management, we usually have ideas about how to make our lot in life better.

What I am proposing is this:

This New Year I am putting together a collection of varied challenges that you or anyone can pick and choose from to match your interests, goals, budget, values and ideas about who you want to be and how you want to live.

They won’t be all nerdy/greeny/ “re-use your toilet paper and stop showering and become a social outcast” type challenges – in fact most of them can be taken on purely for personal benefit – but they will have the added bonus of a positive impact in the wider world.

A lot of the challenges are already set up and underway, so I’m not claiming ownership of the ideas (though I will probably invent some more as I go) – I’m just aiming to collate them somewhere central and accessible, so that you can have access to them all, see how they relate to each other, and see what captures your interest!

Stay tuned, this has the potential to be awesome 🙂


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